Alter egos emerge as Sal and Quinn cut loose and talk about Coco’s ass.

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Sal and Quinn track down justice, by any means necessary.  A kinky new game for lovers to play will Hamburgle your heart.

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Sal and Q buy one and get three. The fate of a thief lies in your hands

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Sal and Quinn take a trip down memory lane. Life finds a way.

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Sal and Quinn sit down with comic Rachel Feinstein to talk about comedy and weird band names.

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Quinn and Sal sit with stand up comedian Mike Lawrence and end up talking a lot of comic books

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Inbetweeners star James Buckley and his partner in crime Clair join Sal and Quinn for an extra length episode about Life, the Universe and Everything.

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Sal and Quinn start to record a 10 minute intro and end up doing a long-ass episode instead.

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Sal and Quinn play with Boomer Esiason in a charity softball game. A disaster ensues.

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In a fun new game, Sal, Quinn and Fatone harass Shaq. Then they go after everyone else in their phone book. Play along!

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