Our two lucky boys continue pumping Diesel.  Tyrese smells baby oil.

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Pumped full of Diesel, Sal and Quinn continue their buildup to Fast 7.  Stick around for the end credits!

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Deciding to go in Chronological order, Sal and Quinn are very pleased to find Dominic Toretto back in the driver’s seat. Quips and explosions abound.

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Sal and Quinn examine the second Fast and Furious movie. Dominic Toretto is missed.

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Sal and Quinn announce the F&F 7 screening details, then wax about the past.

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Quinn looks back and sees one set of footprints. Sal demands to know what is up with Lyss.

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Sal and Quinn begin their movie by movie exploration of the Fast and Furious series with the original classic.

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Sal and Quinn reveal their audition tapes for a Walmart Commercial. New producer Chris Laudando introduces himself and laments the terms of his employment.

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Sal and Quinn take a stand against Dictators who want to shut down the podcast for good.

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Sal and Quinn discuss how Impractical Jokers literally saves lives. Also the hamburger porn rolls in.

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