Sal and Quinn record an intro for Casey and Joe. Keeping it short was an issue.

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Sal and Quinn introduce the What Say You? B-squad.

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Sal and Quinn dig out an old radio show that they did years ago.

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Sal and Quinn take a stroll down consumer electronics memory lane. Nugget pops in for a quick threat or two.

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In this audio challenged episode, Sal has sex with Ted Williams. Quinn wants to buy human remains. WSY? welcomes comic/madman/genius Junior Stopka to the show.

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Sal and Quinn start out on Elvis and that somehow leads to a classic cross-dressing horror villain.

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Sal’s bar tending history is explored, and it somehow involves Shaq. Quinn finds himself in allegiance with The Fat One.

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Sal is freaked out by the new What Say You? mascot. Quinn can’t get enough of him.

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Somehow, a Hitler themed wax museum is not the craziest thing that happened to Sal and Quinn this week.

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Even Sal's medical woes do not stop Quinn from podcasting. 

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