Sal and Quinn discuss the first ever live WSY before moving on to the glory of childhood sports.

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Sal researches how long it takes to do everything. Quinn hijacks Feab Reads. Accusations fly regarding Matt Mira.

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Much like Jigsaw, Sal And Quinn ask if you want to play a game.

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Sal goes off the deep end. Quinn is dumbstruck. You have to hear this to believe this.

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Sal battles a drunk girl half his age and loses. Quinn skips the Mogwai and buys a Gremlin. A green Gremlin.

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Nugget News gives us insight into the mind of the Nugget. Sal actually gets someone on the horn. Quinn is in a pickle.

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Sal and Quinn sit back and let the great Owen Benjamin teach them a thing or two about life, the universe and comedy.

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A trip to Texas puts Sal and Quinn in a philosophical mood.

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Sal and Quinn record an intro for Casey and Joe. Keeping it short was an issue.

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Sal and Quinn introduce the What Say You? B-squad.

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