The Big Bear - Owen Benjamin - pulls Sal and Quinn out of hibernation. Quinn makes a vicious accusation to Sal about the lack of WSY. Sal dismisses it roundly.

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Sal and Quinn discuss the limits of a relationship

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Casey and Joe swoop in to save the day yet again. Hear them contemplate whether life is real, debate the admissions requirements of the mutant academy, and offer lyrical advice to Miley Cyrus.

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Sal and Quinn are doing fine mentally, thank you.

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In a very sensual episode, Sal judges Quinn’s line of gag gifts.

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Casey and Joe Joe are back! This special JV podcast comes to you LIVE from Marie's Gourmet in Staten Island and features special guests: John Szeluga (Impractical Jokers producer/Super Live Adventure Podcast) and Danny DelVecchio (Where's Larry Podcast). Relax, take a shit in the ocean, and listen to the second string What Say You hosts

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Sal and Quinn start and end the episode talking about death. In between they talk french.

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Winter winds trap Sal and Quinn in Vegas.

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Sal and Quinn debate the true meaning of gratitude.  A WSY contest is announced thanks for Quinn’s generosity.

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Rigid rules apply to Sal’s new business venture.  Q notices the rise of the Los Angeles topless maid industry.

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